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hey everyone !
So my mom’s been feeling really down lately and i’m really hoping you guys can help me try to make her feel better.

She cosplays the cabbage merchant from avatar and she’s often self conscious about leaving the hotel room at cons, so i’m hoping you can help me make her popular on tumblr. she’s really cute and sweet and she worked so hard on this cosplay! she even carries around real cabbages please give her love ok


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Good morning lovelies! 
I just adore this photo. 
The snake is blissed out! 
Sunshine, headdress jungle gym and a beautiful woman. 

PHOTO: Cassie Fuertez 
MODEL: Jessica Dru Johnson
HEADDRESS: Miss G Designs
DRESS: Jessica Dru Johnson
Kingsnake: Kontra 

if you wanna see other picures from this shoot, check out:

— withJulie Ann Walvatne.

There’s a side to kitten rearing that websites and experts don’t tell you about. It’s not the round the clock feeding and butt wiping, that’s everywhere. It’s that between the butt wiping stage and the kitty litter stage there’s the stage where the kitten can piss and shit on its own, but it won’t have the common sense to poo in one spot or not step in it so you will have a litter of kittens constantly covered in shit. Even after you bathe them one will probably crap 20 minutes later and they’ll be filthy again.

Not to mention the screaming and climbing. They’ll all start climbing your arm like tiny zombies when you reach in to grab one to feed. Then they’ll scream even after you’ve fed and wiped them all and you can’t figure out why.

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